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    The most common GPS device

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    Digital Input/Output for remote monitoring and control 


    Crash detection functionality working according accelerometer data


    1-Wire® interface to monitor temperature data and RFID/iButton


    Bluetooth for external devices and Low Energy sensors

    Specifications for FMB110

    GSM technology 2G
    Input voltage range 10 - 30 V DC
    DIN - digital input 3
    AIN - analog input 2
    DOUT - digitální výstup 2
    1-Wire® 1
    Support LV-CAN YES
    Support ALL-CAN YES
    Support Can-Control YES
    Dimensions 65 x 56 x 18,9 mm
    Weight 50 g
    Degree of protection against intrusion IP41
    GPS antenna Internal
    GSM antenna Internal